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March 27, 2016

Lecharl Watches - Umit

We at Lecharl are not only in love with watches, but also dedicated in just about everything connected with fashion, food and style. We´re letting these words be our guidelines as we head down into this great, new year with a series of interviews with interesting people who shares our passions.

 First off, we sat down and shared a nice cup of coffee with a man well known for his keen and sharp instincts regarding style – a man we know shares our passion. You probably recognize him through his Instagram account @umitobeyd

Kristoffer: Hi there, Umit! Firstly – let me say that it´s really nice to get a chance to sit down relax and talk a few minutes with you. Please tell us a little about yourself, what you´re up to and, of course, your interest in fashion and style. 

Umit: Thanks Kristoffer! It´s really nice to be here and I would also like to thank you for choosing me for your first style interview – I fell really honored by that. 

What I´m up to? Well to be honest I do a lot of different things…all at once. I work as an insurance agent, as a model and I also work as a personal trainer whenever I get some time over. To be honest there isn´t much time left “over” – because almost every day is filled with work. Shooting new photos for my different connections and partners I have all over Instagram, answering my email where new opportunities arises every day…and I train a little too. Twice a day, 6 days a week as a matter of fact – so sitting here with you doing more or less nothing feels kind of nice. 

Kristoffer: Glad we could help you relax a bit. *laughs*
If we´re digging a bit deeper here– what exactly do the words fashion and style mean to you, how would you describe your own style, and where do you get your inspiration from?

Umit: Well…as most people have noticed, I really have a huge interest regarding fashion and clothes, always have actually – ever since I was young as I can recall. What drives me now, and what makes this so much fun, is to see so many people who are interested in my style.
Plenty of people DM´s me on Instagram or sends me mail telling me how I´m a true inspiration for them and that they changed their style and so on – and that’s really amazing to hear. As for my own inspiration, it comes from all over, and in many of the big fashion accounts I find that the styles often are great…so I take a little bit of this with me - sometimes just a small detail that I find interesting and intriguing.

Kristoffer: Let’s talk about Instagram for a moment, shall we? You’re currently having 53000 followers and you are also frequently mentioned at attractive accounts like @menwithclass. How has this affected you when choosing different styles, and are you more selective choosing what to wear and be seen to wear?

Umit: Yeah…it´s crazy but fantastic that there´s so many followers now – and recently it actually became 54000 *laughs*. What’s great also is that it´s truly an international thing as I have followers from different countries all over the globe. It’s because of these big accounts that are sharing my photos daily that I get so many different job offers from companies who want to cooperate with me.

When you get noticed regularly on accounts like @menwithclass, you actually can feel that you´re doing a good job and this drives me to deliver even more. I’m not sure that this has affected my style, but I´m more aware about image quality and I´m starting getting good, quality shots out there…I think at least.

Kristoffer:  …and as I understand it you travel quite a lot so which is the best city for shopping and how much shopping do you have time for nowadays?

Umit: I´m travelling a lot due to my modeling career and I also travel a lot to Germany as my girlfriend is living there. Don´t even get me started on long distance relationships – because that´s quite tough… *laughs* When I´m going to Germany I mostly travel to Düsseldorf visiting my girlfriend, and they actually have one of Europe’s best shopping-streets called Köningsalleé. All brands you can imagine, they have it – having said that – no town beats Istanbul when it comes to shopping! There’s just a crazy amount of great stuff there which you´ll never find anywhere else. …and that´s what I buy clothes that not everybody wears.

Kristoffer: So…which clothes and shoes are us men to wear 2016?

Umit: In my opinion, every man should wear a nice, double breasted blazer and double monks. These are my clear favorites, as you may have notice…and speaking about just double monks, color doesn´t matter that much, but what´s really out there right now is “Oxford Blood” – insanely elegant!

Kristoffer: Right…now which clothes and shoes do you think should be “gone forever”?

Umit: Well I´m not really sure what to answer to that – because I only care about clothes that interest me and I´m not really focusing on stuff that should be “gone forever”…but one thing I can´t stand are people wearing suits in hysterical colors like pink, purple, limegreen, orange and so on. I wouldn´t even be caught dead in such an outfit…

Lecharl watches - Gold

Kristoffer: Accessories really plays an important part in every man’s outfit. What do you think is worth betting on and what´s your own favorites?

Umit: The most important part for me in an outfit is details! People should definitely focus more on the small details because that´s what really makes the difference…and not everyone realizes that.
Accessories I have to wear daily…has to be a watch, multiple bracelets and occasionally a ring. The watch is something I never leave out! I feel naked without it – as I´m sure you understands. *laughs*

Kristoffer: We both have a passion for watches and we at Lecharl are really proud to have you as our ambassador. What was it that got you interested about Lecharl – and have you picked a favorite?

Umit: What got me hooked with Lecharl was that the design really stands apart from other watches nowadays, where a hundred different brands look exactly the same. One example…Daniel Wellington watches…because I can’t even begin to name all the brands that are copying their style. Your watches however are something totally different, really elegant and suit all styles. My favorite are probably Born 1929 Gold.

Coffee gone and it´s time to let Umit go about his business…but I squeeze in one last question divided into three…

Kristoffer: Finally…give us your 3 best pointers for men who want to take their style to another level.

Umit: Well, I keep coming back to details and accessories but I can´t put enough emphasis on those parts. Keep your style simple, elegant and don´t use too many colors at once in one outfit. Try to find the style you feel comfortable with, because that’s what will look and fit the best! Your style tells a lot about your personality…

Kristoffer: Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule, Umit. We are happy and honored to have you onboard as our ambassador and we´re following your journey with great interest!

Umit: Thank you too, Kristoffer, and thanks once again for letting me be a part of your journey. I hope my answers may inspire and maybe help others out there. I´m glad to be an ambassador for Lecharl and excited to be a part of the development of your brand.

Follow Umits journey on Instagram: @umitobeyd



 Lecharl watches - Umit Gold


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