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August 12, 2017

Good Morning! 

Brew yourself a fresh cup of coffee sit back and relax to this exclusive interview. 

This is the second and last part of the interview with our friend and the talented Simon Sköld. Simon has together with us at Lecharl watches designed our latest model The Gentleman. In this last part of the interview, Simon is talking about his interest in fashion, the collaboration with Lecharl watches and the process of making the new model The Gentleman! The video is in Swedish and the English version + photos you find below. 


Who is Simon Sköld?

Father, professional MMA fighter, entrepreneur, writer and public speaker are some of the things that occupy my time…and as a person, I´m always trying to push for new things and constantly challenge myself.
The creative process inspires me and I really like to follow projects from the very beginning and all the way through to the end result.

Lecharl:  Tell us a bit about your big interest in fashion and style.

Simon:  Clothes and fashion is a way for me to express myself and it´s been an interest all the way back to my school years. But it really grew when I started working as a personal trainer/coach as I then had to wear training outfits daily. Most people probably want to put on cozy training outfits coming home from work as a relaxation - but for me doing that it felt like I was going to go back to work again. Personally, I really like to wear a suit with a tie, but I can hear some people complaining about how they feel restricted and awkward wearing shirt and ties…and my opinion on this is that they are wearing the wrong shirt and tie. It should feel comfortable…
Shoes are always fun to both buy and wear - and mentioning that I also want to mention details. Details, like watches, for instance, is such a crucial part of the outfit and such accessories really make a difference.
Personally, I don’t wear a lot of jewelry as it isn’t my style but watches is a completely different matter as this is an accessory to wear on a daily basis.

Lecharl:  So how does your watch collection look like regarding models and styles?

Simon:  Well, when I was really young I always dreamed about owning a Rolex, which is one watch in the collection that I really love both the feel when holding it and of course also wearing it. There's an Apple watch as I am fond of high tech gadgets, and it works really well for me when working out or swimming.
For me, a sense of weight is really important when it comes to watches. I really like to feel a certain weight on my wrist when wearing a watch, and this was something we discussed early when developing The Gentleman. It's a quality thing for me, and I do not want my watches to be too "light.”
Of course, the watch needs to be good looking, and I want it to work both at a party as well as in everyday life, and also work well regardless of the clothes I choose to wear.


Lecharl:  Tell us a bit about your cooperation with us at Lecharl.

Simon:  I liked the square watches that was the first from Lecharl, and I also liked the whole professional feel of the company. Everything from the good looking website to the actual watches appealed to me. So when I got the chance to be a part of this I really felt that this was something I could relate to. The concept of what we wanted to achieve was clear and structured, and then it was down to drafting the watch from the beginning with an empty piece of paper.
There was no stress about getting a product ready quickly, and I truly liked that I got to be so involved and had so much to say regarding how I wanted The Gentleman to look and feel. It wasn’t a case of “would you like to put your name on this already produced watch” - quite the opposite as the first drafts we made was drawn on a receipt from a restaurant where it all started.
Following the process from sketches to real drawings, choosing the type of steel, glass, clockwork, materials, colors and so on…I mean there are so many choices to be made when creating a timepiece like this.
What I was clear about from the beginning was that I wanted a clean, nice watch and I wanted it blue.

Lecharl:  Tell us a bit about the process in creating The Gentleman.

Simon:  Well it was a lot of research going into lots of stores looking at different watches and styles, weight and materials and so on, revealing a lot of details that I haven´t really thought about before. To be able to influence so much with such freedom of choice during the process was really amazing for me and this is ultimately what makes this watch something I can truly stand behind.

Lecharl:  The goal was to create a timepiece for any occasion. So tell us a bit about the watch on the table.

Simon:  We discussed the fact that maybe a steel link bracelet isn´t for everybody, so we decided to also develop a leather band making the watch even more versatile…


Lecharl:  Is there anything specific you feel extra proud of..?

Simon:  I would say the fact that the watch turned out an ageless, classic timepiece suitable for any occasion, and I definitely think this watch will look modern ten years from now.

Lecharl:  Tell us a bit about specifications and the choices we made during development.

Simon:  Well for starters it has a sapphire glass - scratch proof and the casing is made of 316L-steel which is a top quality steel often found in high-quality watches like in certain Rolexes for instance. A fully automatic clockwork mechanism which I think brings a soul to the watch in a whole other level than with a battery. Another important detail is that you can use it even when you’re in the shower or are swimming, although it is not a divers watch. But you do not need to be afraid if you happen to put your hand/arm under water when doing the dishes for example…

Lecharl:  So…where can people see more of The Gentleman?

Simon:  Well the first stop would be for images and information, but for a more hands on experience you will be able to find the watch at number of watch resellers in Sweden this autumn, which of course is really exiting and fun.






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