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August 14, 2016

We at Lecharl are not only in love with watches, but also dedicated in just about everything connected with fashion, food, and style. We´re letting these words be our guidelines as we head down into this great, series of interviews with interesting people who shares our passions.

This interview is the second, and we sat down with a man how starting to get well know on social media for his style and his eye for details – a man we know shares our passion and also is one of Lecharl watches ambassadors Mr. Rale Popic.

Hi Rale,
We are excited to sit down with you for this interview. We have been following each other for a time now, and we think your style and your eye for details are great, and we want to do this interview to get to know you even better. So let's just get into it.

Kristoffer: First tell us a little about yourself and what you do?

Rale:Hi Kristoffer and to all your readers. First of all, I would like to thank you for choosing me for your style interview, and also I’m so excited about this. I’m from Slovenia, Ljubljana, and I graduated from Economic Science. I decided to start blogging after graduation because fashion was always something inspiring and beautiful for me.

Kristoffer: You live in Slovenia and Ljubljana tell us a little bit about your city?

Rale: Ljubljana is a small and fascinating city in a central Europe. What I like the most about my hometown is that it’s easy to get around from one place to another, and it’s always full of surprises. Ljubljana city center is a magical place. Almost everywhere you go in the city center you have a beautiful view at the castle from the 11th century on the hill which is stunning and beneath that hill is small magical tiny streets with small shops and great restaurants, it’s the right place to visit.

Kristoffer: So let us talk about Instagram. You are starting to get a big following, and you also have a great blog. Tell us a little about how you got into this and how a day in your life look likes.

Rale: It’s fascinating story about how I get into this. Like many of us, I opened an Instagram account and posted random pictures. One day my girlfriend said to me: ”hey you always dress well, why don’t you post pictures with your outfits” and she took a camera and started to take pictures with me. So the response was so good, and one-day a French company contacted me about collaboration and sent to me the first product, so this is how all started.

My day is very busy; I start to work in the morning and finish working right before I go to bed. In the morning I always answer to all my emails. First, I check my Instagram, I check my new followers and likes because it’s truly important to me that everyone gets my attention back. Then when the first picture gets posted, I start to work on new ones.

I usually have a shooting day every day because I always look for something new. So I usually go out, walk around and take pictures. In the afternoon I check all of them and only pick those that I really like. In the evening I usually read or write for my blog and just before I go to bed I always get back to my followers and answer to all new emails so I then can finish my working day.

Kristoffer:What's your plans for the future? Do you think of starting a youtube channel? 

Rale:I adore and enjoy my job right now, so my plan is to take my blog and Instagram much further. YouTube channel is possible in future, of course, I was thinking of that but right now I just don’t believe that it’s the right time.

Kristoffer:Is this your primary job?

Rale:Yes, it is.

Kristoffer:Wich other Instagram and influencers have inspired you?

Rale:Adam Gallagher

Kristoffer:Your top five Instagram account to follow?

Rale: Mariano Di Vaio, Adam Gallagher, Matthew Zorpas, beautiful destinations and Lecharl watches.

Kristoffer:Do you have a photographer or do you take your photos by yourself?

Rale:I do, my photographer since the beginning has been my girlfriend and she’s the best, we work as a perfect team. She takes all my style and outfit photos, and I take the pictures of products and landscapes.

Kristoffer: Any tips for someone that want to start as a style blogger and a fashion influencer.

Rale: It’s so important that you have dreams, they are so crucial because you create your vision from them, and it will be shown through your work. Besides that, it’s really important that you’re are willing to work very hard because sometimes a blogger life can be quite exhausting.

Kristoffer: We also want to talk about your personal style

Rale: My personal style has always been the same, classic pieces have always been my favorite. Blazers, shirts, and polo shirts are the most common pieces in my wardrobe.

Kristoffer:Could you describe your style?

Rale:Always classy, sometimes with the hint of youthful.

Kristoffer:What should be in every man's wardrobe?

Rale: Great jeans trousers, white and blue shirt, blazer and a great pair of shoes.

Kristoffer: You are an ambassador for Lecharl watches, what do you like with our watches and wich one is your favorite?

Rale:My favorite is the rose gold Lecharl, It looks absolutely fantastic on the wrist. I like Lecharl watches because they are elegant, classic and perfectly designed.

Kristoffer: Your favorite clothing brands?

Rale: Massimo Dutti and Burberry.

Kristoffer: How do you stay healthy?

Rale: Food is important because it effects on my well-being and because I work a lot, so it’s important for me to eat light and healthy food. I also go out for a 10 km run, 3-5 times a week.

Kristoffer: Five quick questions; 1) Best shopping place in Ljubljana 2) Best time to visit Slovenia 3) What should we not miss when visiting Ljubljana? 4) Best restaurant? 5) Best nightclub?

Rale:1) Sportina XYZ, Emporium and Galerija Emporium 2) in spring time 3) dinner at the restaurant Strelec on Ljubljana castle 4) AS aperitivo 5) Skyscraper

Thank you, Rale for taking time out of your busy schedule. We are happy and honored to have you onboard as our ambassador, and we´re following your journey with great interest!

You can follow Rale on his Instagram; @rale_popic and blog:


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