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As many beginnings, ours is a humble one, starting with a boy aged 7 on the west coast of Sweden, who proudly puts on his first ever wristwatch given to him by his parents.His first ever timepiece. At age 7 – sparks of passion and affection can be hard to describe – but this is what truly occurred that day. A true fascination began, way beyond mere interest for this brand new piece of timekeeping wonder, sitting on the wrist for all to see. So our journey begins…and continues years later on the other side of the world. Just finishing his design studies in Australia – he returns home with an idea that somehow always been there. The idea to put his own mark in time by creating a watch of his own.


A Lecharl is a beautiful, timeless and elegant timepiece, where classic and modern design seamlessly merges – inspired by style icons around the globe. When it comes to design and quality – we at Lecharl follows our own mind and visions, regardless of trends, and this is something we are truly proud of.

Our watchwords – if you like – is keeping in the best interest of watchmaking tradition and craftsmanship while designing a modern thing of beauty to wear on all occasions.


How to use your Lecharl!

Wear it everyday and everywhere – because it goes with everything. A watch is so much more than a simple device for keeping track of time, because it travels with you on all your life’s journeys, through ups and downs and accompanies you on so many different occasions. Your best friends wedding, a new year´s dinner, your sons or daughters first step…or that time when you lay eyes on your future wife/husband for the first time.All these moments in time creating endless memories as your journey continues.…and we at Lecharl are truly proud to be a part of your moments in time.
…although Lecharl was born only two years ago, the fascination, the passion, and the affection can be traced all the way back to that warm summer evening in Sweden, to the bright eyes of a proud 7-year-old kid who just can't take his eyes of his brand new watch.If we can convey a smidgen of that feeling to you – we´ll call it a success.

Kristoffer Nilsson Founder of Lecharl